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tv   Taiwan Outlook  PBS  October 18, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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i did. since my tv and thank you put in the mean to another edition of the tile while the probe and the presents that if it faces an educated different stories on taiwan. on the host
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grateful. high rates of teaching is very important to the continued development of any economy and taiwan's is no exception. on today's program was delighted and honored to have put ice in them going he who is currently the president of national young university to share with as his piece on the state of high education in taiwan will come to the program doesn't help thank you mama to be here and colleen am currently the prison of a nation we i mean is that this was a little whooping the president on national young university since two thousand and ten can you please start off the program give this a general assessment of the state of high education in town went to take her. i think that though we are facing numerous talented student for hyde education to want to imprison come to mind probably too many people's mind is that though we facing the prices of any of you and
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your warm breath does every year. not too long was above twenty thousand pts for years been no drop to forty and fifty others. so even if you use. i think that what you receive you. since the event the tenth of the impact of the university has stayed past the mall want. until one is that the whistle on the five countries and regions says that in many china hong kong and singapore there were a chorus of the tunes including the integrity of members in taiwan for the awkward high salary so he says helens to the retail so to recoup talents the believers in taiwan. and also the pub eight is one of the hot topics about the tissues and hikes in taiwan. and that is fully use the information that the entire wanted the attention pay years roughly about two thousand dollars us dollar compared to bow forties on those food for the heavy buderus and stays even for the stain was despondent when you thought
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this was the rain lol. and to top it difficult to maintain the high quality of education and also that down in the last five years maybe ten years so that the winston is to be seen the fuel filler it yes to him to sing opera so in case two degrees in assembling and be by medical area. it's not just that and the young men including on this don't cry when he was commissioned to louise's defied the last five years was heated them up there but const awful fifty percent then the guests and the solicitors for the summer is significant is the future as well. also that the un. we and i think that the taiwan the open air shows his patient the common is the maria is not going to a facing serious issue. so use to be that though of what is this is a pub on a common use but in that famous scene are thought to be loaned it to fifty percent. meanwhile the cia concept. the notion
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of fall fundraising donations fall for high education is due in the use of the infancy stage of ss. but i think that pop into me is that the most important to be the most fundamental one is set down his fall from the local faeces. the thing to bow to two minus twelve on time time what's the mission of a hike education. do we have to come in you be so high pitch education. that this is the challenger can think of photo was sent to london to find some means of challenges but also people claimed that they are so many universities and institutions higher education in taiwan. that s what you become a thorn i cut throat competition among the universities in terms of recruiting professors have no school students is that the case in your opinion. i think so then they did this in the league is the juicy isn't a question. toss sauce that i can feel is opportunity in for the ministry of education to think of to revisit the shoe aisle were having too many
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mistakes this and that of a baby it's the feeling that the mission remains the different kinds of plea and was decent i want to be such an esteemed and technology nist and also live on this and loving it. there has been quite confusing and asked if he isn't as abbreviation of having them on time too the korean nation to nation into a seat and knowing their mission and to the field in the commission i'm not trying not to to do one thing that did not mean to do. the focus of the evening the president on national young university since two thousand and ten and in the last few meters on your leadership the outcome from that with a not so friendly fire. come to you then make adjustments and come from the challenges put sample fewer students. and of more competition from the universities and other places like hong kong singapore and how to deal with this helmet. sure and this is not unique to him and yelled yummy. i don't wanna think that and because it was
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fun of a common theme. mr education and the mission sounds cool so you can take over in picture two things it could to the amount of growth of the financial support to the two knew what to have a flexible for us already knew i was sleepy and i have to overcome to the yumminess in time indian fantastically and i'm getting so so yep we had to send to some sewing and says is no merit system the thing that's changing now. oh and in the army and can take what we have and that the sting which cheerful this is the arrangement with the feasting to perfect a professor to different kinds could then go with us at the link to the invisible sol wrinkle to the junta would contract. the sting which the pope received a phone call from taiwan to tunis that's one thing to go with we doing. can he go so that the un mission while fundraising is the one thing that i didn't have much expanded to four joined
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the gunners back to taiwan this but john kaneria. what can work on this site is not easy here things to do this but my sense is that the un and taiwan their own people the industry committee did give a good mind to everyone to tell them they need to know how people who fall with chicken bacon too. and so that the fed doesn't get the i see that. things can bend over without well with the efforts can i do with school cope with the way of freeing some of the support of the laundry is history and i want to learn so wanna talk to them. and that he always impressed and felt we would read we commit to education he can learn much about the quality education to walk so there's a good sign. and also that done. i think of that so what i mentioned the other is a fund raising the salaries of their one i call a hot tub where an immediacy and his assault with a man this is the most it can and when mike has come
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due to too yummy. one i preached for this season notion of cookies so for this man be in in the layman's terms like till one plus one quick end to this so hoping the walking together and we can make things happen so it's important we all recognize that the truth that the high education. this has to go along this go long way this is something you take a long commitment. forrest is so haunting with their common goal you in on salary is not desirable other places for thinking so we aim to begin their positions make some difference a long time but society. hope nobody would know what to get what i mean by a cohesiveness to the temple was a little people often talk about the fact that no longer the college graduates that were producing come on. on the way the heel seems that for industry or profession on the youths. and that's why does he feel recent talks about reviving the technical training programs in town
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long time and that in your opinion what should be an ideal model for university what is to be more concentrated on teaching will concentrate on technical training for is more concentration on research what should be a culmination of all these. place your feet while as i mentioned that we had three different types of him and musician receive one in which he always wanted them. it's why i wanted to go as a witch and to clarify some notions which had a reception at the newark interested in me that though we should call them less time and teaching. this is second to the country with sample people a comeback was affected members and the johns hopkins university for twenty years use. johns hopkins the first recession was in the united states study my eighteen seventy six in this great is that the recession receipt. how is that for many years and my senses being that yes we
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we're trying to sew a recession. excellent mode that indeed it would compromise in terms of the teaching of the least of all we do a time. but teaching. emphasize on the quality of teaching the quality of the curriculum. so you think you should have boats collided with others you also miss now that no news about but why no heat that we should have pulled something new. and given the fact that you know a lot of the industry people with the same that you know we don't produce. build quality graduates to meet industry needs. but do you think that's the case with a lot of universities in taiwan. well has that being that no criticism can testify. i think so. compassion is the one to another thing i'm home and working on a good time recognize that opposite camp the defeat in the industry moved into what they need and what we produce ok so we went to work on. on the nearing of the calf which in time for the week are wide
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open to travel to and use it as well cos to that one reason why we have a few acuity in pp stevie tv stations interesting to see if they don't see the a word the top coming from and for my muse is not that it will have it that says we haven't what are enough to cradle put in the somme in the past few months. we invite the seal create a maniac and that the industry's me me me do it here even in pump so cool off on technology one can become too yummy. and let us know what what did he talk the town were presented to what we call for an intensive research who painted with a command as the match into a kind curse them for why a small scale a scholarship from the automotive students were working on the topic of interest to call the meantime don't get them over to to observe the students knew who he was two years to a tutu with them so if there is someone everyone could to to hire know this a win win situation. of course and finally you have upon them in
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the last in this part of the program to help key figures in every condition on the part of students' the small hill and this is not the only the responsibility of government of the universities but also do think there's the motivation that self awareness with a lot of students who come on that cake when you compete more competitive. not just within ourselves but also with others. the notions of the country. so okay now onto until i hear he's she's one of this deity you take response would be for you on the on going. of course so i think this could indeed to be reminded that one parent to pee i go way up so they have to keep appear hostile plan that we have a. every year we ate we have the richmond that there are whiting to use your feet into the job hunting when you encourage all students study in the freshman to come to define tell what the team continues to prepare the content of self movement the forty assuming that the stitch up to two to cool
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we need to take a first grade on our program today will be right back. the sells
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steve. the welcome back to the second part of today's world and feel that i wallow on the hosts were equal. what will continue our conversation will comprise an md was clearly the president of national young university in taipei taiwan. this amount than the actual issue regarding how one's higher education's feel like international competitiveness billy you mentioned earlier said the competition is probably coming from regional to a neighboring field countries like mainland china hong kong and singapore both in terms of recruiting top professional teaching talents and also in terms of frequency students and how do
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we then your opinion how we deal with healing in this international competition and make ourselves small compared to her. this team twenty issue this fall will get to the field of one thing i've come to mind learned in the ward i need to redo it all into a nationwide stations along where this denial is a struggle within the scope and a stumpy was a denny's here we have to travel abroad and editing it that's not what this suppose to be enemies he have to do four wheel up on it once in position for the world's you can learn about them. he was staying at one and switches example. they head into a yummy when abbas seventy five for international students could the person i know this was the one of his comfy on me is that they are by themself. a new baby went to the air that could only assume only similar with the it is said to mrs students. the pop indie pop and not therefore this is due to the not enough effort in may. so for the left eye a
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company yummy nine by them to offer instance. they were smashed it is good to know each other. no sewing could go to mass to students new to me would continue to agree with them. so there has been making great deal. i've talked to so we have is an international night was helped in class mr comes home to my sisters and they say lol. a working together and learned a great deal and how they put the santa thing to working out and defend how they will think differently thus what disavow he had to have this kind if you point and before you can think of how the udf international can become the competition's top of the swampy night after that. we opened it to the music or five of this notion of a internet age it's now a unesco one what we can learn and stays so what did this a secret it but they have a lot of the soap exchange student programs the unit could just do it in to take a year after year all having a brew of break and go
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with some of the places. and that's what we do for the new school and to have two team race the place with different cultures and the best one thing that can meet and we we were working on that this is a bit when challenging for you mean in that the flow of the wheel but they ended with the program's six open system that they need to have a baby and eighty two it is certified and have a few pillow book was the six month goal is to do something similar to what you are so unique it behind for twenty five years to protect foreign cartoons. your young pastor came to the gate the one year behind st the reason unknown to you about them i love that much in the wee tiny peanut as to the study to go for two to four leo schofield mission no peace unto the west of the best one think that you don't have to be done the week and we show we went on to more money to build more systematically or something the ongoing consistent program but we
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didn't expect. also that the correction on students to attend international conference. that's another thing to pimple free kick in the uk and think think and they didn't agree with the piano chords students of scholars. most of it though which time we step machine vibrations with the new season of the country's coup in this example go we have a waco sky with a ucsd the issue. you do a sitcom on snp able glitches along the top of the twin cities in american indian medicine that if other. so we have this product support and every year. we hear that the bill would help. once you eat you we are the ones you when you will think i want and don't need one you a few cst. we have that that was sending audit of net surfing six years. two code to use his teeth into rotation on to one's own. it's good fun and queen of feisty at the year
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and a really difficult to decide what to read this and see how hollow men who stood in the country would go all the pulp out to work at noon so that one day return a not complaining anymore. and also that that we have around. he joined the research program funded by mission as signs console upon the above made twenty eight but hope that the two accommodations no more walking we will make a film buff far he has sent in by medical science want a bachelor of. and given the fact all these programs don't mean has been doing in the last few years to think that neil young mean along with other prominent universities in taiwan the on the bright attract the interest of the global trend of higher education billion pairs for example when to mention what international cooperation the more students visiting the different note university chorus master full full force here are the set the scene indicating how one's cry each patient is making adjustments and the adjustments including taiwan on the right track. i
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think so but before we get to tennis with the new perspective. please mention it mentioned article were trapped in the fall when i see i am often do with the situation united states i think that that that the kearney by an assistant in the state said that defacing the city's financial book us. and so does a lot of cuts in terms of salary in the budget for support and so that they think they've become warm and protected in the conservative themself and eight. cornes for students to that going to the program's content of the pass. so that's one hour on one hand i think i know there's this fear things that the tweed events with no hi to some of the tainted competition old classroom teaching. the subject to the challenge this version of the contact we do something different. his answer this call we of course well as for
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the meaning that their youth they feel the urge of course has been in that passes you teach and make available a whirl on line online and so that's it that's it. another trend i noticed that i think i want is to stop but i want to make the point on that day and maybe a little more conservative than other people and i think that's kind of adventures in gravy hopeful that as he retreats and most of that the people who stood to benefit from such events would you like that my kids think that in some situation. special flamenco education there is no such a tool for the interpersonal taking physical distractions in the desert something to descend upon having a face to face discussions and onto my contacts include funding to me should not be facing them up altogether. so this is a vehicle which nic and i like to think that between taiwan are increasing that no one became the only way for the filling over it. there is any comfort to you personally you are not conservative at all because i agree with you
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the point. i don't think there are some things that can be replaced by a long steel long distance learning with bite you know online education. cdr nose still needs to be put to me in person and no socialist sense of commitment. the only thing chips in the center theory is that the stupid test. and they're talking about internationally competitive this photo we often discuss the issue of whether we should have more in english teaching field courses on the english in taiwan. that has been the trend in the last few years. banging your views has yet been teaching in united states this fall for many many years the names how one knows you think that's younow one of the things that can help colonies university students become the more internationally in tune. also competitive. by harry the idea of more courses are being watched. they would help tell them that we doing that. new easy and not to pee
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in my case that there are some people like to see. ok it's this example we have a good condition health program in place more than ten years ago in and leave the court and we had to trek refuse to move on to become. alsace american goods of contemplation swell from them some momentum of physicians and coming to pick up the notion that knowledge to papa helped me return to the country have to wait for them even should it become to be done at the end it in the coastal centers and without hope they'll make impact of the pentecostal talking and hanging research could so that's one of them both ways so as to what the programs as well. but i ate again maybe i'm sensitive to it. i think that this could to test its revenge from that. doubt not at the expense of a quality of teaching. of course and when are you and for some of course as i'm concerned about a politician you into talking in the mentor is a link to read the first things is make
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sure we are part of what to call auntie him and teaching in general before we convert into into english teaching by taking turns help some of the international exchange programs as well he says that the local stones have no more encouraged than more motivated to maybe pursue like you said you know it's nice to know what year the forty six machines how one he said the change. and then a young being the sole a ok and now they would take on as i mentioned at that because of the new fund of which is to do is make sure none of the d and then the ticket the need to be licensed and so stephen cole and if so you can call forth in the film was tired and so this is this to my sydney at the beach and chime in on preaching and opened it and encouraging. the effect of the parents as well. you would meet with. event turns a freshman in mind and bow this offer to ninety and
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twenty two took the ha long time though. the fifty fifty total defend the processor the street course we need to take another break no pro but now will be right back the eye. sells. steve
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the sea. the activist current program field that while the male host rate will will will continue outcome is issuing will comprise of them being the court clearly the president of national young university in taipei taiwan. as of now will extend a huge study in united states and getting a phd on hoover's to washington in good karma now bio statistics. and of even coming back to town one of course as a member of the academics into an old school appealed the fact is that you tell. you know that the taiwan national university college of health to establish a program on bio
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statistics in the nineteen eighties and can you tell the school that above that experience the process. sure the name says it does appear quite information. mike m and k c d the nineteen eighty two and joined it on top disaffected member. and the missus and i returned to taiwan the summertime when the whole thing tat i can share what i learned some stayed on knowledge and know what the priest which is a special magic was sick and taiwan the boss of the things that are two new unit that i mean still sleeping. holding a symbol of youth and workshops and to scoping the noble greedy and stay on knowledge does it i want from an ami. in nineteen ninety three who has dimension to the mystery of telling her is she starting on new college in upper house. so i spend the year was in college opened two step or suffice it
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to program them and we're closer with different students into me some time with him i can now become members of knesset member at the contents in the country extremely well. one some say a bullet that one coming to a critique of the winter hopkins find become my students allows effective in bed to wake forest university so there was a good excuse to get into that happening and i think if i statistics in the way it's set to disappear. not content to people why is that all who knew how scientists can you typically don't analyze and they can and so that sarah is quite challenging in and it takes a different time scales come with them the one who thought about going back to when i first came to stay in their wooden door to the us that ethics. ok unknown in nineteen nineteen nineties six cm and i was. i was
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appointed to the press to put a proven correct. has it on by statistics and johns hopkins one soul at that time many people many in the students' interest in pursuing a degree in maths and physics so i get email or phone call. from the east of asking iowa station s medics but i'm weak and technology community. so my sister thinks mom's friday in biology but very good to weaken them in the mass transit. i joined over them this one because one of the best programs. this is going nowhere owen had a slight idea of years ago the one minus ten to war will complete tv show. strong quantitative. it was interesting signs. so that's what women can take and that we continue on to students although all who were home and some pumpkin pie want this to which it a simple way to return to the one that
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sticks to the temple as well you have meal you do when having such a wonderful career in the united states don't empathize said john hopkins university. while the leading universities states is not the world. i know sleeping coming back to taiwan. noah helping the local universities and research institutions to get involved in the study of miles to st. one need to make that decision to come by to come on. you know that on a permanent basis. what were some of the factors and motivations. it is simple this is a gift that i need to have a the range of new states yes and no one can cozy with a wary of fright the professors and students they always remind myself that to my roots this in taiwan. like many openness and one with one recent one is a place hope that i can spend and be the dress my own life to tune in to make some
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new makeup to consult a playlist and then do one of your motivations was to help taiwan develop the talent of programs available. no the interests of prostitutes is an old school bioinformatics and though what you think has been progress in the last few years in the states the device if it does example contained on one of a talented wouldn't i want to call it is too. two created the job opportunities. ok who stood in getting into the program in action the best in a pod and you know and it's been challenging and how one day people medical coverage of recognizing the breadth of intensive power is sitting at the beach on the bus at the thickness has nothing to hide. ok so there's a bond a major challenge this time i wondered if any rate any could study the good news is that the put in age from the health research institute which was defined in nineteen ninety six and so the style
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with the ten conditions and so all this material is no way able to persuade the at the keeper for the perpetrators director present at the campbell was sent this upset they became the first president of the mission helped me see she too feels the need to to stab a show to be shown by statistics could have really bought into that and he persuaded that any boy who never wants to pull off onto sticks and stones to study just that the bishop. so that that the mission now become part of it the easy to pop a nation held signs. three if a crucial role in helping scientists to take into vista that if you go. and i was in no way first cemex how one knew what the vice president of the national health research institute the two and subsequently of course in two thousand ten became the president national young university. over the last few years one has been detained tuesday you were able to know that this has changed taken
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place in town wants me to his apartment. people now become the more you know independent and cold meal on the subject oriented and has the segmentation become more specific. paul has to be more international collaboration the menu. and that of the footy by medical research area is the one i'm often over them and others that may make him the strike in the last ten years and so i was sad to say to come and has been quite supportive and so for the a p a bit different as financial support it and to allow local owners to pursue to set up so if a national program. you know makes the pump so vocal markets. so if asked us a good thing to have in the meantime did i do need to get the care of intensive research on pp to taiwan's and the rest were licensed to create an inner ear. i think that we'll work with doing much better than canned
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twenty years ago. and that the key to many bees into the behind the wee wee. he then told me that it's over decades to become an encouraging students to study abroad mainly to stain it and the other times he'll come back you in the state has to like myself which is to think of to be helpful to so that kind of to the wire and money has been with healthful and that a condition of research and statistics and all this good friend becky into the v a system and an antenna and an h in the united states and which kind of cocoa fifth defeat of providing the critical that constructed the repeal. for the grounds that the cement his own death altogether i think that we have much to the environment which in turn elevate the quality of recession have to spend some significant progress. you can also cause is unknown when you kneel come back to taiwan in two thousand and three. no one to set the conclusion of the sars opening try and
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assess a party two years later in two thousand five philistine minded. you know crisis over the spread of its five and one bright note the baby on food at the time you know what there any moments of you know the old doubts in your mind seeing that will come back to tie one on the end the meal very difficult time for what they are moments of field memorable experience in managing his field to yell breaks that you can share with us. should i come back to taiwan it ok to lie to its greatest scientific conclusion of this house a crisis in stone. my family and i were watching could imprison any question that the visit which ended on belmont is a comin' and is a comin'. of course and then he was a fortunate that he once was past noon meal. wolf eyes to mention that noah. those of you you you got to be among the crisis is to try and walk with him and his
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tummy. in true story and i like to share and was a very clever and was honored to be a part of a and ava and mission and health research into its own mission mission or if you stick the new music show up as part of the department of health is so during that time and in april and may. thinking that the two underwent a condom i have of the mind to break it might have called for two to try and watch this so we had ties to two combo with a strategy to deal with that in and if he did the best veggie you can do for bobo is to come out with the vaccine which of course a very difficult this so we went to the trivial and find out that that the next best thing to do pumping is to identify the content may be hopeful of patel we leverage the second tank so we didn't find that i'm a fool to want it irks them may be useful in vista
8:37 am
has commented that it could to trick or trunk in one thousand feet as does the will be useful in the sense that the un the fifty fifth and identified the same time right away within twenty four hours. i've taken to the temple more coke really too too too too too low or you hear what are we totally missed the sole intent full wall of the region such as suspended. so that i choose this co starring into the way are too which added to by one the largest in london magistrate who was said to a head training in medicine can you feel that this is it is useless to suspend the time and the legend. two combo with temple with them but don't be the striped one can go one of you who've been harmful to fund a health point of view. i think that there was a rising to two kids so we are enticed to two of the year to determine who was in no way that violates the indian international considers that as a protective pad do was protect
8:38 am
them. so that the two is an invented by roche is no wi fi could add to if we're going to the national crisis which is more important to them right but you'd be joyful and personal health or the soul youtube is eighteen days to determine the phone was in the domain. so would take to just eighteen days into a two to create something was in the end at the end of the grand scale. dan quo helping the local industry and to skill up to the uk can win this kit. meantime we did a back operation. thinking of the pace under the big chill recommendation and have ten percent of probation. you have to supply what kind of cool. so what if expectation how much material the wrong material. they would need to have to pass and he can win would help to calm them to to try chewing the convention because the mature to a cd containing many times when it's ten o two and too late to go to that end hosting company. so with those that
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in japan from the yukon and educate their health was able to come from with the arms deal with the coach knows what can do it mostly went to a paint effect on the east peace a list of ten percent it here the temp would have to listen to become men of idea to find the idea that the beach all year so i thought there was a good story to have that time was not on the next ring even won the field but my new role it's the movie is on the train and fund helps and the nasdaq and the creation of user fees you will come visit them on tenth of a huge help to use easy to miss to what we can do what will always be made whether wise but don't want to do with lupus and sewing this drama to use so that was a good week. listening to story personnel bell was a very brave decision to take a lot of courage and oh so comfy she was certainly glad to get mason to pieces we need to take the final break
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the top row when will the buyback. eye. six season
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steve the sea. the bag to the final part of today's programme feel that i wallow on the host recall what will continue and hopefully wrap up this fascinating conversation. opal thistle them during the course currently the president of national young university here in taipei taiwan. as a lamb. while the standout lot of the universities around the world are now advocating distance. you know spend some time to get involved to make a commitment to international or domestic volunteer programs. why are some of the programs available for students had young university and also how do you encourage students to become more poignant it corps international volunteer activity. it's true. maybe i
8:42 am
should just a few of them that labelling the army of the yummy was found in nineteen seventy five kg starting out as an issue. it meant the school for the army medical school years. came to hawaii education movement that any of them and the student who comment. to go to the venue the area this tune into the too narrow to kept it as a medicare feet and ruin it for her and her and her veterinary use. and there the situation if we suppose but the dome the sole investment but then at that time via the prison me in a sea of pocket onto highway four passed away. later on when did that this is one thing to do for why support they really need to have become in eugene in the field col collins has only wanted to. this song from the game decrease from the brand. i put simply this the ultimate station organized by students coker savior and that says a
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change in tiny in the county needs weren't in the summertime to go to on tv the tv area. and two to utrecht with thee the keys christians and to provide him with health education and apia what kind of on call bit different. then the dpp feet to the open areas. so that's been wary of the instrumental took up all fall of students on the way of thinking. so you see he noticed that the focus on. the health officials in taiwan they had too late to do the amin great kids. including percent called it that the first year that the one for material typically ministry and mr for health. at some point in the house so that the practical oh she's so weak was the director of the cdc. but their dead baby giving up the high salary. if so you can take it into the house of his sons this kind he ran into me making me
8:44 am
home even if you make and so won first in the country yesterday on the heidi grace to a contest in quantum physics and trade now and having yummy we ate at expanding not just on that in the two local area. stone also to the international one cm so we have to want it replaced. but the measure goes to six years can choose to to spend a month and had been mum on how my hubby in the indian epic. and then a tree last year i was told bio medicine every year but we did that the notebook under twenty students. i should but they teach the students sign up. and a proven with them was priceless. the dishes home from work sent this to the treaty the top of me wanted to do so. so in cursive and when he returned to bear with it the rest of the state's gas has some great and touching stories and he wanted them into a combat the side. not to pursue a medical. korean full
8:45 am
swing sets. she did finish her degree. then went to go to paris. the kid did degree in mass tip of the house. nah she's afraid to mention tony and then she'll and doing the work and in the canadian economic area remains a frank and chris does with the sun above spread hiv and so this is kind of think that i think the town something that we should leave we took boys want encourages students to attend many ways too. they came at the society of icc be one of them yes but tony's own voluntary one of his activity. tony and the commonwealth official making the sound health policy and to diminish places so that those of us alone you know that in fact a new career you've been mostly in the two k to tell you steal cars and john's hopkins university for twenty years before coming back to taiwan and doing it i mean them no news in the years since coming back that those new to
8:46 am
always continue the research and teach. so was this real education mean to you personally don't know what this education in nobody's interests of the court that sure it does mean we get to me anxiety and to the second site recommended it to the cia hopkins the school popping out they don't have an effective program design and how much experience interacting with the integrated stew and you'll come back. it is to try them. taken with the students understood yes bright young christians in the army. to me. education thing by education. the civil wars come to my mom my mind mowbray. two other people is welcome. one is knowledge for once. humanism and ten and to know is that it sold the college will he fare war was as two to declare a major move even if the bikini while
8:47 am
in the states maybe the time to second third year it's singing there was a solid knowledge of specialty. some people mean when you need to do this to the surface no doubt about that but that's not sufficient and nod a move in with the world's become so calm and comfort that he knew he had to bow to the need to have the bullet is. to walk in with other people. she had two teeth become the heart to two to two have been due to the notion of a new tourist to come on who to trust. we have to eat eat eat it the idea of perfect friendship and compassion sell reflection is comparable to sell examination and also you need to have a pity to acquire new knowledge and interest is in no way you can learn everything in four years cost of the students which majored in and continued to pitch it to be unethical and to an article from the hopi you can make it to the right touch let me get right to station and two to make the school
8:48 am
became active in the society betsy no way guess what holistic education said the focus has been described as the bnp especially to move the beach and education and basic education center is a mask that makes me a mix of things can make a pick me up the wrong bell brown picking it up. as well and your family have no this day you have chemistry did you know if being chased. the movie field of mathematics at the very young age and subsequently that's how intense help identify new area of interest and pursuit as you continue your education. what with the view from the perspective of the long term ill educated in what will be some of the early indications that he can share with us. you know if the parents to discover that their children may have special features in a certain area or has the potential to
8:49 am
be calm. note to excel noting the critique to erie i thought was question when dozens of rapists if it was simple but it turns out that day i cave somewhere is a bit of painting is more complicated that the unthinkable condemn myself to the yes i love mess to begin with this from my parents now well well well not educated in the end even in the fiftieth high school and they let me just curl and a notice that i am wearing and i love math and can increase the number is and it is confession time. two of the tumor had been that the test of a fine dice maybe i might like to share with you the expanded on a notice for my oldest son. he also has major investment banks in college and then remembering the kicking his second year as men to school for him like a salmon on it and handed to do it every time he says toe. mom i don't
8:50 am
go school for a war. i'm so bored. to look up to his teacher the teacher who to note is actually right away what happened was that this cute kiddo book because the demon children talk not challenging know. so did the new stadium is so close to vent own program is to put him in a different high level intense mismatch. ever since then he will come so tell me what what the matter is there to question soon as the need of a canine this is karma paris but also from teachers as well to put their age. and i think this was the bus to take this time the slope of the appellate review music euphemism think that it's a simple way to find a concise and handed it to. but that didn't mean that there is the straightforward than some people would increase to camp four foot tumbled today have a piano no empress consort a gift if you take off. this fall fall for someone turns
8:51 am
to identify and so vivid so that visitors that the spare key there. i don't have the answer key for us to this importance if it does have its genome will carry it on the development of chow but also like to to to to to take this tooth has to say something about the defense system and how we all culture and would you mind if i knew if i didn't hear hear to tell this man but that sometimes is the one assigned him to have it be to have this running in pianist i confide to miss a call that effect on embedded systems. unlike the stairs to parents. it's the simple and refined of the chestnut that this girl he was dangerous the soybean kept them coming to film all the reasons that this pub is one point is that i don't carry a knife into words personnel was very very sound bites. thank you very much for being a special guest on the program to date survey wanna wish you a yummy university. all the best of all you future endeavors thank you thank you in much on the thank you for watching the program today on cnn style mcafee color is she
8:52 am
thinking. i knew. in the name i think. thing. gcses thus the un. it is. it is. sells
8:53 am
says. mm rule. rules. use routine. father i meet a couple jill and john daly they plan to retire. they wanted to take the time and among many many places and
8:54 am
they said well this is the place. i'm very end. i'll never have been listed on her arms. here are all winter they each can all be looking to build on or what's in those doubts. stray dogs so this was something. well miss something. and about two to having a social formation six iranian state so that's why taiwan. the case of jail what happened to her. she was rescued dogs and she got out of material and intellectual small ball flex written about. i'm a couple of years later. um well the setting was intentional somebody helping themselves to. most of such a tragic tale. i'm not about that informs main accomplishments that she did in silence. she was named the occasion of the year was the first person in on a show. to be a champagne. i really big thing
8:55 am
is really special person. i mean when you see her. i mean i is robots you want to remember. she went to thailand to retire. now you know that's that's been the stimuli to manage the person that you see it and it's as if a woman made of. it's amazing that it will destroy the train then she has a rebate helping to teach or to put weight on. only time in a shelter just hundreds of dollars are arranged marriage and abrasions. the docs to move the government sees no need for anybody to do it by herself. it's amazing to them do they. a a ay i love the day. i'm signing of a hike in with another edition
8:56 am
of destination the sea. they are refrigerators in japan that's what they invented something called cc. most people don't know about this in theory must be ncc. so i had sticky rice to find out one evening when i order sushi. i'm here with brian as a sushi roll here at skippy right mind what kinds of sushi. are they did it look different. for defenders out there is not the woods is brought up that seem seaweed nori and out of their sauces that she knew it was pretty much just like his previous life in a number of ways. i then there's the year with his eyes as he slid over to us that was all wrong or is this fact. it's all probably gotten a lot of it yet there's also a lot of things lead me that i didn't hear
8:57 am
voices heard in her heart was boiled with smoked salmon smoked. so let's make some sushi body is starting to get this at home yet we can go and get started i would like surprise surprise they wanted to start with maki which is like the most typical. one or more of that one of the unit. its general the japanese hundred they prepare their mission to the us uncertain process that no one and two. it's pretty much a form of preservation they put on race and he was in a good fist of fun in and out. to preserve and make it so they keep the agreement anytime anywhere you know what it was done they would take it in the rice was discarded and run away and eventually insert activity adding vinegar to it not been kind of attitude is everything it's so. that was the devil's tool and the kind of treated to a new and interesting talk to you. fake street food in me. it was nice to garnish it with the cc when we ordered it. we had a softening which is what i saw it as a little bit of
8:58 am
time. did a good kick to it which is a very refreshing since then the about the budget and with this as acts as a helpless. what about the sushi that looks like just brace with a piece of fish on top once that ball that is called the eerie calm i'd say that enough. so here is our second only to kick the person who sfers. you laid across. molded into bed sheet. we all know what you know what sells to shoot anybody is that the way it looks so is the extravagant living in us a lot of fun and made them. and that is the new. any other shades or visitation styles that we should know about seizing on behalf of their stuff. it's the one we make such inquiries into three pieces one. fun things to do here so take it. to me. the states to pull things out of the consoling pistol. a song
8:59 am
like they are since i was. it is very involved and so it should be a lot of fun. so you're actually be condemned to making it in presenting its almost like you wanna make art you make it so people. most of what he did a mix between now and that's the kind of how i avoided it for fifteen from the suspect was the main and only ways that i've ever actually. so there's some real eggs and property into a kind of lose yourself. they tell you that was three hours of collapse hey that looks good enough what a blast. when he says he was in one bite and when you read here. your soy sauce based site down eating really y
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